Toestellen op Android 12 kunnen momenteel niet verbinden met onze app. Wij lossen dit z.s.m. op. Excuses voor het ongemak. 



In the app, various settings can be adjusted to your preference.

E-Level settings

When you have installed E-Level, you can still make adjustments in the settings. To do this, go to the E-Level module in the app and click on settings at the bottom left. You will see the following settings that you can adjust:

  • Use E-Level without E-Connect
    You can turn your phone into a spirit level. Flip this slider, and your phone will function as a spirit level. 
  • Reverse direction E-Level
    If the motor home is in the wrong direction in the app, you can turn the slider here to show the drawbar/front-end on the correct side.
  • Advice
    If you want to receive tips on which side to raise or lower your vehicle when levelling, turn this slider on. 
  • Change values
    Here you can adjust the different lengths entered during the calibration process:
    • Length
      – Caravan: the total length, including the drawbar
      – Motor home: The length between the wheels, at the point where the wheels touch the ground.
    • Width
  • Calibratae E-Level
    When you want to recalibrate the E-Level, you do not need to scan the QR code. Simply click on calibrate E-Level here and go through the calibration process again step by step. See the installation page for how to do this for a motor home.


No specific messages can be set for the E-Level. When levelling your caravan or motor home, you can see on the screen where the ball is located. If the ball is orange, you are not yet level. If it is white, your vehicle is level.