Toestellen op Android 12 kunnen momenteel niet verbinden met onze app. Wij lossen dit z.s.m. op. Excuses voor het ongemak. 


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General questions

Make sure your phone or tablet has a full battery and that there is a stable internet and Bluetooth connection while updating the system. If possible, place the telephone as close as possible to the E-Connect.

Just install the app on your new phone and log in with your login details. Nothing more. If you then switch on Bluetooth, you will once again be connected to the E-Connect and all the coupled modules will be visible.

You can use your account to log in on multiple devices. However, it is not possible to use several devices at the same time. Only one device can be connected to the E-Connect at a time.

Yes, this is possible. To do this, they must download the E-Trailer app and log in with the details of the person who registered the system.

Please note: when you create a new account and scan and calibrate the QR code cards in that account, they will disappear from the original account. QR codes (and modules) can only be scanned and linked once.

The E-Trailer app responds even when it is open in the background. Notifications from e.g. E-Pressure will still be displayed on the screen.

The app runs on iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 and higher.

Make sure that the seller delivers the QR code cards of the installed modules together with the caravan/motorhome. We can then transfer the system to your own account. Please contact E-Trailer. And send a picture of the QR code to us.

Do you use clean up software to keep your phone clean? It is possible that this software removes the settings and data from our app. You may then have to recalibrate every time. Check the settings of the app in question to see if you can make exceptions.


We regularly release updates of the software. Not only the app, but also the software on the E-Connect itself needs to be updated from time to time. It is important that you regularly check for updates. To find out how, go to the Updating page of this site.

Since the E-Connect always uses some voltage, it is a good idea to disconnect the E-Connect from the battery if it is not used for a long time. This prevents the battery from being drained.

The E-Connect requires a minimum voltage of 10.8V to start up. It may be that your battery has slowly run down after a winter spent in storage. When the battery is recharged, the E-Connect will start up again.

Above all, check the batteries of the various linked modules. These, too, can slowly deflate after a while in storage.


You can easily transfer the system to your new camper. See the Transfer system page for how to do this.

The very first time you use the App, you must register and log in. Internet is required for this. You will also need internet access when downloading an update for the app or for the E-Connect.

The E-Connect also needs to be updated after it has been connected to 12V. This also requires internet.
Once the system is installed and you are logged in and using the app, you do not need to have an internet connection. The app works via a Bluetooth connection.

Ask the dealer or seller if he still has the QR codes of the system. With this QR code, the system can be transferred to your name. For more information, see the page on purchases/sales.

If you do not have any QR codes, you need to find out the unique address of the E-Connect (MAC address):

  1. Make sure you have internet and Bluetooth enabled on your phone
  2. Ensure that the E-Connect has power. On the newer models, there is an LED light next to the plug. If it flashes blue, the E-Connect is on and ready to connect. In older models, the LEDs are on the inside, so there is no need to check them.
    Please note: The battery must provide a minimum voltage of 10.8V in order for the E-Connect to be switched on.
  3. Open the app and go to general settings
  4. Scroll all the way down until you see the E-Trailer logo
  5. Click the logo 5 times. This will start flashing slowly. After a while, a pop-up appears with a MAC address (XX:XX:XX:XX).
  6. Please contact us and provide us with this MAC address and your user name in the E-Trailer app. Please send a screenshot of the pop-up, if any.

No, that is not possible. However, you can create a separate account for each vehicle. You can then connect an E-Connect with its own modules to each vehicle. Please note that you will then need a different (valid) e-mail address.


The module can be used on most steel and aluminium gas cylinders. We have published a list of cylinders and which ones we have tested. The system does not work on plastic cylinders and cylinders with a float.
An adapter is required for aluminium cylinders. This can be purchased from our webshop or from local dealers and webshops.

We have published a list of gas cylinders that we have tested. In this list you can find the brands and types of gas cylinders and whether they are available in the app.

The app has pre-programmed the most common types of gas cylinders from various brands. If your type of gas cylinder is not listed, please contact us.

To do this, open the module on the back and remove the battery. This resets the system. If there are still no updates after the battery has been replaced, the battery probably needs to be replaced. Be careful not to damage the black silicone rubber. This makes the module unusable.

It can be placed on the neck of the cylinder to remind the user to remove the E-Gaslevel when returning the gas cylinder.

No, this will not work. The app does not support horizontal tanks. It is also difficult to mount the E-Gaslevel properly on a curved surface. 

On gas cylinders with a float, the system does not work properly, as the signal is disrupted by the float.


This is certainly possible. You also want to be level in a motorhome. The installation is the same, but there are a few things to pay attention to when calibrating. Please refer to the settings page.

The E-Level is accurate to 0.1 degree. For this, however, it is important that the E-Connect is properly mounted on a flat/stable surface and cannot move.

The E-Level is directly connected to the battery of your leisure vehicle via the E-Connect. Therefore, no battery is required.

No, the data is stored on the E-Connect and in the database.


Yes, that is correct! You will receive a brand new nose wheel from us with your purchase of the E-Load. We have incorporated the sensors into this. This allows you to see the current nose weight when packing the caravan.

You replace the entire nose wheel for our E-Load. You can easily do this yourself or, in case of doubt, have it done by a dealer. More information…

The value in the app is the actual nose weight on the towball, which is automatically converted by the calibration values you enter during installation of the E-Load and the weight pressing on the nose wheel. Make sure that the calibration values are correct.

The E-Load is accurate to within ± 5 kg (11.02 lbs). In the case of an incorrect nose weight:
  • Check the calibration values in the app (distance between nose wheel and axle of the caravan and distance between nose wheel and ball)
  • Make sure that the caravan is standing horizontally when measuring the nose weight and that the angle is the same as when driving. This means that the coupling must be placed at the height of the tow bar.
  • Test whether the battery has voltage. You can check this if the LED around the on/off button lights up when you press the button.

To save battery life, an on/off button is mounted on the module. Each time this on/off button is pressed, a light will illuminate and the battery will be activated for 5 minutes. Only then are values sent to the app.

Yes, the E-Load also works on a 2-axle caravan. It is important that the correct measurements are entered when calibrating the module. When asked for the distance between the E-Load and the axle of the caravan, take the measurement exactly between the 2 axles/wheels.


The E-Pressure modules are mounted on the preferably steel valves of the wheels of your caravan or motorhome. The type of valve on which the E-Pressure can be installed is a standard automotive valve (Schrader valve). Adaptors/valve transition pieces are available to go from a French valve to a Schrader valve.

If you use rubber valves or valve extenders, we do not recommend using the E-Pressure. The pressure created during driving can cause the valve to break.

Use the anti-theft nut when mounting. These do not prevent theft, they make it more difficult.

You can add up to 10 wheels in the app.

The app is not set up for an odd number of wheels. If you want to mount an E-Pressure on the spare wheel, you will have to buy and connect an additional set. One wheel will always remain grey.

This is also possible. Please note that once you have disconnected the caravan, you will no longer receive the data on your phone. For this, you must be connected via Bluetooth to the E-Connect (which is most likely installed in your caravan).

It takes a while for the module to update. Without movement, it will take 10 minutes before an update is given. When you are driving, the information will update every minute. When there is a warning/notification, this happens every second.

The maximum tyre pressure that can be set in the App is 10.0 bar (145 PSI). Please note that the pressure can increase by approx. 0.5 bar (7.25 PSI) during driving.

The maximum temperature that can be set in the App is 100 degrees Celsius (212 Fahrenheit). Please note that the temperature of the tyres can rise to 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) above the ambient temperature while driving.

If you want the wheels to be perfectly balanced, they must indeed be calibrated again. However, our internal test users have indicated that the difference is so small that it is negligible. We do recommend that you use steel valves, especially at higher speeds.

To access the valve, you must indeed unscrew the caps from the wheel. Read more here.


The module can be used for example on the door, a window, the roof hatch, the fridge or any other location that can be closed with a drawer or door. If a door is still open while driving, you will receive an alert on your phone.

The modules are packed in pairs. Up to 5 pairs of E-Switch modules can be added (10 sensors).

The E-Switch communicates via Bluetooth with the E-Connect and your smartphone. Therefore, the current values can only be read within a radius of approx. 10 m around the caravan.


The E-Temperature works between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius (-4 and 140 Fahrenheit). Please note: the batteries will run out of power very quickly at temperatures below 0, or even break down.

If the E-Temperature is used in cold conditions (refrigerator, freezer, in winter, etc.), this may shorten the life of the battery. The E-Temperature will not work below -20 degrees Celsius/-4 Fahrenheit.

A maximum of 5 E-Temperature modules can be added in 1 account (E-Connect).

The E-Temperature communicates via Bluetooth with the E-Connect and your smartphone. Therefore, the current values can only be read within a radius of approx. 10 m around the caravan.

The E-Temperatures can be placed inside or outside the caravan or motorhome. The module is splash-proof. For example, put it in the refrigerator, kitchen cupboard, gas bottle locker or in a cupboard or cooler in the awning. Please note that the module must remain within 10m of the E-Connect in connection with the Bluetooth range.


The E-Volt indicates the value of the battery to which the E-Connect is mounted. It is not possible to read or connect to the 220V mains voltage or other batteries.

The battery voltage may vary depending on the type and status of other connected devices.

The E-Volt is connected directly to the leisure vehicle’s battery via the E-Connect. So no battery is needed.


This is possible because the E-Waterlevel pins can be cut. If this is the case, do not forget to specify the correct length of the pins and content of the water tank in the calibration menu.

The E-Waterlevel can be used in any water tank. The maximum measurable depth is 41 cm (16.1 inch). If your tank is deeper, the water between the bottom and the end of the pins cannot be measured.

If possible, make a Ø56mm (2.2 inch) hole in the cap of the water tank. It is easy to replace it if you sell your caravan and want to take your E-Waterlevel with you to a new motorhome. If this is not possible, drill a hole in the top of the water tank. Be sure to use safety equipment (goggles, gloves, etc.) to prevent injury.

Currently, this functionality of the product is not yet officially supported.

Use a good hacksaw for this. Clamp the pins with the part to be cut off in a vice. Be careful not to damage the plastic sleeve around the pin when sawing! Damage to this sleeve will cause a short circuit and render the E-Waterlevel non-functional. After cutting, do not forget to put the plastic cap back on the pin with the plastic sleeve.

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