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Selling the system

When you sell your E-Trailer system, there are a number of possible scenarios:

You trade in your leisure vehicle at a dealer

If your dealer is an E-Trailer dealer, he can return the system for you from your account. Afterwards, you only need to log out and log in again to have the data permanently removed from your app.

If your dealer is not an E-Trailer dealer, please have him contact us.

Please do not forget to leave all QR code cards in the caravan for the next owner.

You sell your leisure vehicle yourself

You sell your caravan or motorhome privately and leave the whole system in the vehicle.

  1. In the general settings of the app, go to Change password. Change your password to something easy that you can give to the new user.
  2. Then change your e-mail address by clicking on Change e-mail address.
  3. Type the buyer’s e-mail address (to which the system should be transferred) and enter the password.
  4. Click on confirm.
  5. Deliver all QR code cards with the caravan or motor home so that the new owner has the system complete.
  6. If this does not work, please contact the Customer Support department.

Your account will continue to exist in our database, but no modules will be linked to it. You can then install a new system in the future.

You only sell part of the system

Deliver the QR code cards of the modules you sell to the new owner so that he can add them to his account. They will then disappear from your account once he has added them. If this does not work, please contact the Customer Support department.

Purchasing modules

You are buying second-hand E-Trailer products

A user cannot (for the time being) remove the modules from his system himself. If you buy second-hand products via the Internet, they are often still linked to the previous owner’s system. You can scan the QR code of the modules in your account. It will then be moved from the previous owner’s account to your account. You can then install and calibrate the module.
This is not (yet) possible with the Starter Package. When you scan a QR code from a Starter Package that is still linked to another account, you will receive a message at that point that the QR code is already in use. In that case, contact E-Trailer preferably by e-mail and send a photo of the QR code along.

If you are buying a complete system, the steps described under You sell your leisure vehicle yourself can be followed. Have the seller change the e-mail address and password so that you can log in and install and calibrate the system.

If you buy a number of individual modules on the second-hand market, or if you want to have the system transferred by your dealer (provided that he sells E-Trailer products) or E-Trailer, the relevant modules can be released. Ask your dealer for the rates. Information about our rates can be found in our website.