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Selling the system

When you sell your E-Trailer system, there are a number of possible scenarios:

You trade in your leisure vehicle at a dealer

If your dealer is an E-Trailer dealer, he can return the system for you from your account. Afterwards, you only need to log out and log in again to have the data permanently removed from your app. If your dealer is not an E-Trailer dealer, please contact us. We will then remove your old modules from your account. This will allow you to add a new system in your new camping vehicle to your own account. Don’t forget to leave all QR code cards in the sold motorhome or caravan for the next owner.

You sell your leisure vehicle yourself

You sell your caravan or motorhome privately and leave the whole system in the vehicle.
  1. Upon delivery of the vehicle, you will deliver allQR code cards together with the caravan or motorhome so that the new owner has the system complete.
  2. The owner can then create his own account. When he scans the tickets, he ‘steals’ them from your account. He will go through the calibration process to re-calibrate the modules in his app.
  3. If you already have a new camping vehicle and would like to link a new set from us, please contact us. We will then remove your modules from your system so you can add and calibrate new ones.
You only sell part of the system Deliver the QR code cards of the modules you sell to the new owner so that he can add them to his account. They will then disappear from your account once he has added them. If this does not work, please contact the Customer Support department.

Purchasing modules

You are buying second-hand E-Trailer products

A user cannot (for the time being) remove the modules from his system himself. If you buy second-hand products via the Internet, they are often still linked to the previous owner’s system. You can scan the QR code of the modules in your account. It will then be moved from the previous owner’s account to your account. You can then install and calibrate the module by following the steps in the app.

If you buy a number of separate modules on the second-hand market, or if you want to have the system transferred by your dealer (provided they sell E-Trailer products), the relevant modules can be released for a fee. Ask your dealer for the rates. You can find information on our rates in our webshop.