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Version numbers

You can check the version numbers of the software in the General settings of the app.

  1. On the main screen, click Settings at the bottom left.
  2. Scroll all the way down until you see the E-Trailer logo
  3. You will see a number of version numbers under the logo:
    • App
    • E-Connect 
    • E-mail – this is the address that you use to log into the app

Current version numbers

There are currently 2 types of E-Connect on the market. If your E-Connect has a sticker next to the plug with V3.0 or higher, a different software version applies. As of 29 September 2022, the latest available software version numbers are:

  1. App:
    • Android (via Google Play Store) v1.7.385
    • Apple (via App Store) v1.7.385
  2. E-Connect:
    • v1.12, v1.9.313 or
    • v1.12, v1.22.313 (E-Connect V3.0 or higher)