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E-Trailer App

To use the E-Trailer system , you need to have the (preferably latest) version of the app installed on your phone or tablet. You can find the app in the Google Play or App Store under E-Trailer.

Once you have installed the app, you need to create a user account. See how to do it here.

Update app

Updating the app is done in the Google Play or App Store and not in the app itself. This is because when you click update in the app, it looks for updates to the software on the Starter Package and not the app itself.
NOTE: for the app to work properly, it is important that you always install an update on all the devices you want to connect to your system.
How do you check if you have the latest version of the app installed? This is done as follows:


  1. Go to the Google Play Store  and search for the E-Trailer app (E-Trailer – Safe and comfortable on the road).
  2. When you click on the app, you will see whether you can Update or Open the app.
  3. If it says Update, you do not yet have the latest version.
  4. Click on update and install the update. You will need an internet connection (WiFi or 4/5G).
  5. You can also see here what has changed in the newer version of our app and when this update became available.


  1. Go to the App Store and search for the E-Trailer app (E-Trailer – SMART-Trailer).
  2. Click on the app. You can see whether an update is ready, or whether you have installed the latest version.
  3. Click on UPDATE if you can. You will need an internet connection (WiFi or 4/5G).
  4. You can also see here what has changed in the newer version of our app and when this update became available.
  5. Of course, you can also delete and reinstall the app.

Reset the app

If you have had a module swapped, you will need to have the app resynchronised with the Starter Package and the database. You do this, by closing the app completely.

  1. Close the app
  2. Also, make sure that the app is no longer open in the background (active apps). On the internet you can find how to completely close open apps on your type of phone
  3. When you restart the app, the data will be updated. Any modules that are removed will no longer be visible.
  4. If old settings remain visible (Android), it is advisable to completely reset the settings of the app. This will reset all settings of the app and erase the history of all data. The calibration values remain available, however. You will need to give permission again to use the camera and Bluetooth (pairing) and you will need to log in again.
    • Go to settings on your phone and find the apps
    • Click on the E-Trailer app
    • Click on Storage and then on Clear data and cache (how this is indicated varies per brand)

If you think the app is not responding properly or has even stalled, it is best to delete the app and reinstall it from the Google Play or App Store.

General app settings

  • Change language preference
    In the General Settings in the app, you can change the app’s language under Language. Choose the correct language. The app will temporarily display a grey screen. Then you will automatically go to the main screen and the language will be changed. The app is available in Dutch, German, English and French.
  • Screen goes to sleep all the time
    If you want your screen to stay on continuously while driving, you can specify this in the General Settings by moving the slider at Screen timeout.


If you want to turn notifications on or off, you can do this in the settings of each installed module. See the Settings of the relevant module for how to do this.

Clean up software

Do you use clean up software to keep your phone clean? It is possible that this software removes the settings and data from our app. You may then have to recalibrate every time. Check the settings of the app in question to see if you can make exceptions.

Send feedback

Sometimes things do not work as expected. Then contact E-Trailer or send a status report. This is done as follows:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Make sure you are connected to your system via Bluetooth and that it is switched on.
  3. Go to General settings
  4. Click on Help
  5. Click the Send feedback button.
  6. A pop-up appears. Please enter your problem briefly and click on send.

A status report is sent by your system to our Customer Support department. We may be able to see in it exactly what is happening. We will then contact you to discuss and solve the problem.