Inflate tyres

When you want to put air in your tyres, you will have to temporarily remove the E-Pressure:

  1. Loosen the anti-theft nut slightly
  2. Unscrew the E-Pressure cap from the valve
  3. Pump air into the tyre to the required level
  4. Screw the E-Pressure back on the valve again
  5. Tighten the anti-theft nut again

Note: when stationary, data will only be updated if a change in pressure or temperature is detected. Only when you start driving again will the values be updated in the app.


The E-Pressure can be rinsed off with water, for example when washing the caravan or motorhome.

There are 2 O-rings in an E-Pressure. If you hear air escaping, or if you notice that the tyres are deflating slowly, you should replace the O-rings:

  • There is a small one at the bottom where the E-Pressure is screwed onto the valve. You can remove it with tweezers and replace it with a new one.
  • There is a larger one at the bottom of the housing thread. You can replace it by unscrewing the housing with the grey/black tool.

Updating systeem

It is important to check regularly for software updates. More information can be found on the Updating page.

Spare parts

We have tool sets, O-rings and loose E-Pressure caps for sale in our accessories webshop. Should you not be able to order, please contact us.
Specifications of the O-rings can be found on the product information page of E-Pressure.