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Replacing the battery

The E-Pressure contains one CR 1632 battery.

In general, the batteries last 2 years. If you drive a lot, the sensors will send out a signal more often and the battery will also run down faster. Therefore, always take spare batteries with you.

There is no need to reinstall the modules after changing the batteries. As soon as you screw them on the valve, the app will recognise them again. Preferably replace the battery of one sensor first and screw the sensor back on before starting on the next wheel.

  1. Unscrew the anti-theft nut from the E-Pressure
  2. Unscrew the cap from the valve
  3. Take the grey plastic tool from the supplied accessory kit
  4. Put the cap with the valve side in the tool and unscrew the housing
  5. Carefully slide the battery out of the housing and insert a new one (+ upwards)
  6. Check the rubber O-rings and replace if necessary
    One O-ring (the largest) is between the module and the cap that is screwed on. The second is in the copper part that is screwed onto the valve.
  7. Screw the cap securely back on to the housing to prevent water from getting into the sensor and rendering it unusable.

It may happen that the rubber sealing ring of the E-Pressure gets stuck on the valve. Please note this when replacing the module’s battery. These rings can also be dried out. .