Toestellen op Android 12 kunnen momenteel niet verbinden met onze app. Wij lossen dit z.s.m. op. Excuses voor het ongemak. 


Values do not update or are incorrect

Values in the app do not update

If the values in the app do not update, the following may be the case:

  • Is the sensor battery flat? Replace the battery.
    If the values do not update after replacing the battery, check the following:
    1. Is the battery positioned correctly in the housing (+ upwards)?
    2. Is the battery compartment still intact?
    3. Reset the E-Pressure by recalibrating it.
  • Is the E-Connect switched on? Check if, for example, E-Volt or E-Level is functioning. More information about the E-Connect.
  • Is the distance between sensor and E-Connect less than 10m?
  • Is the phone connected with Bluetooth?
  • Is no one else connected to the system? One device can be connected to the E-Connect at a time.

Note: when stationary, data will only be updated if a change in pressure or temperature is detected. As soon as the pressure or temperature in the tyre changes, a message is immediately sent. You will then see the last measured values on the screen. While driving, the data is updated once a minute.

Values in the app are not correct

If the E-Pressures indicate extreme temperatures or pressures, the batteries may be flat. Check that the battery is not empty. A small battery symbol appears in the tyre. Replace the battery if it is empty.

Our modules operate on button cell batteries. In general, batteries are very sensitive to low temperatures. The colder it is, the less the battery will function. For example, a battery that works fine at room temperature can run down twice as quickly at temperatures below zero. The cold will lower the voltage, and the module will not function properly. Usually when the temperature rises again, the voltage will increase a little and the sensor will function as expected.