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Values do not update or are incorrect

Values in the app do not update

If the values in the app do not update, the following may be the case:

  • Is E-Temperature switched on? Press and hold the button on the back for 3 seconds until the green LED lights up.
  • Is the sensor battery flat? Replace the battery.
  • Has the E-Temperature been exposed to extremely cold temperatures (below -20°C/-4°F)? Then it may be that the battery has been damaged. Replace the battery.
  • Is the Starter Package turned on? Check that, for example, the E-Volt or E-Level is functioning. Learn more about the Starter Package Basic or Plus.
  • Is the distance between sensor and main module less than 10m?
  • Is the phone connected with Bluetooth?
  • Is no one else connected to the system? One device can be connected to the system at a time.

Values in the app are not correct

If the values in the app are not correct, check the following points:

    • If the values are in italics, they have not yet been updated. Check the above steps.
    • Check that the battery is not empty.  Replace the battery if it is empty.
    • The installation may not have gone well. Reinstall the module by removing all sensors and recalibrate them one by one.

Our modules operate on button cell batteries. In general, batteries are very sensitive to low temperatures. The colder it is, the less the battery will function. For example, a battery that works fine at room temperature can run down twice as quickly at temperatures below zero. The cold will lower the voltage, and the module will not function properly. Usually when the temperature rises again, the voltage will increase a little and the sensor will function as expected.