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In the app, various settings can be adjusted to your preference. Once you have installed the E-Volt, you can still make adjustments in the settings. To do this, go to the E-Volt module in the app and click on settings at the bottom left.

General E-Volt settings

  • Limits Here you can enter a lower limit (in %). You can adjust the percentage with the slider or by clicking in the box. If the battery voltage drops below this limit, you will receive a notification.
    • Advanced Settings Here you can set the voltage at which your battery is empty or full.
  • Notifications Here you can specify the type of notifications you wish to receive.
  • Battery
    • Main screen information Here you can select which information you want to see below the battery picture on the main screen.
    • Battery information Here you can customise your battery type, chemistry, capacity, brand and type.


You can set the notifications for each module. There are 3 types of alerts that warn you if the minimum values you set for this particular module are exceeded:

  • Sound: a sound is played.
  • Vibrate: the phone will vibrate.
  • Pop-up: A message appears on the screen, even if, for example, you have your navigation switched on.

For each type of alert you can switch it on or off by means of the slider to the right of the alert type.

Notification is not correct

Do you get a message when you think everything is fine? Then it may be that the values in the settings are not right. Check these in the E-Volt settings and adjust if necessary.