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Values do not update or are incorrect

Values in the app do not update

The sensor does not transmit when the button is not switched on. Press the button to switch on the E-Load. An LED light will flash around the button. The E-Load stays on for about 5 minutes and then switches off automatically. The LED light will then also stop flashing.

If the values in the app do not update, the following may be the case:

  • Is the E-Load switched on?
  • Is the sensor battery flat? Replace the battery.
  • Is the Starter Package turned on? Check that, for example, the E-Volt or E-Level is functioning. Learn more about the Starter Package Basic or Plus.
  • Is the distance between sensor and main module less than 10m?
  • Is the phone connected with Bluetooth?
  • Is no one else connected to the system? One device can be connected to the system at a time.

Values in the app are not correct

  • Is the E-Load switched on?
  • Check that the battery is not empty. Once you have pressed the button, the percentage of voltage in the battery will be displayed in the app. Replace the battery when it is empty.
  • Check the calibration values in the app (distance between nose wheel and axle of the caravan and distance between nose wheel and coupling/ball). Adjust them if necessary.

The tow ball thrust always depends on various factors:

  • Caravan must be level for the most ideal measurement.
  • The caravan must be at the same angle (and height) as when it is attached to the tow ball. Otherwise, the value is not comparable.
  • If there is a difference with a gauge, check whether the height of the coupling is the same as when the caravan is hanging on the tow ball.
  • If you compare with a scale under the nose wheel, this can differ by approx. 20kg. The E-Load calculates from the tow ball.
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