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In the app, various settings can be adjusted to your preference. You can still make adjustments both per linked E-Movement and overall in the settings.

Settings per linked E-Movement

Go to the E-Movement and click on the specific module you want to change. What you can adjust:

  • Name
    Give each linked E-Movement its unique name.
  • Location
    Indicate where the sensor is placed for the correct picture: on the ceiling or on the wall. Also indicate exactly where the module is placed.

Other E-Movement settings

Once you have installed the E-Movement, you can still make adjustments in the settings. To do this, go to the E-Movement module in the app and click on settings at the bottom left. Here you can adjust the settings that apply to all linked E-Movements in a number of tabs.


  • Show last received timestampstrong
    In the main screen, you can see when the sensor information was last updated.
  • Recalibrate
    If you want to reinstall the sensors, you do not need to scan the QR code. Simply click Recalibrate here. You then have to go through the calibration process again step by step for each paired sensor.


A simple overview of the E-Movements that are linked. Click the arrow next to the sensor to edit it. Additional modules can also be added here (using a QR code).


  • Notifications
    Here you can specify the type of notifications you wish to receive.


Note: To avoid getting notifications every time you are in and around your caravan, you need to manually turn off notifications in the app every time you are near your vehicle.

You can set notifications for all linked E-Movements. There are 3 types of notifications that alert you when E-Movement detects motion:

  • Sound: a sound is played.
  • Vibrate: the phone will vibrate.
  • Pop-up: a notification pops up whenever you have your app open or are using it in the background, so even if you have your navigation on, for example.

For each type of alert you can switch it on or off by means of the slider to the right of the alert type.

Notification is not correct

Do you get a message when you think everything is fine? Then the battery may be dead, the sensor may be mounted too close to a heat source or in direct sunlight. Check mounting instructionswhat is and is not good.