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Values do not update or are incorrect

Values in the app do not update

If the sensor appears unavailable in the app (the picture shows the sensor in greyscale), the following may be going on:

  • Are the sensor batteries dead? Replace the batteries.
  • Is the Starter Package Plus powered on? Check the status of the Starter Package Plus.
  • Is the distance between sensor and main module less than 10m?
  • Is the phone connected to Bluetooth and 4/5G or WiFi?
  • Is your Starter Package Plus subscription still active?
  • Is no one else connected to the system? One device can be connected to the system at a time.

Values in the app are not correct

If the sensor in the app does not seem to respond properly, check the following points:

  • The sensor may be hanging in the sun or facing a heat source or window. The sensor responds to heat movement of air above a heater, for example. Check if this could be the case and move the sensor if necessary.
  • Move in front of the sensor and check if the light then comes on. If this is not the case, there could be a number of things going on:
    • There is something in front of the sensor blocking detection.
    • The battery may be empty .Replace the batteryif it is empty.
    • The sensor is aimed at a heat source or a window. 
  • The installation may not have gone well. Reinstall the module by unlinking and recalibrating all sensors.