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Replacing the battery

The E-Switch contains one CR2032 battery.

In general, the batteries last 2 years. Always take spare batteries with you.

After changing the battery, you do not need to reinstall the module. The app will recognise it again immediately. 

E-Switch - batterij
  1. Open the E-Switch carefully by sliding the cover on the back towards the flat side.
    If the E-Switch is taped with the 3M tape, you can also take it apart by gently pressing on the large part of the module and sliding it towards the convex side.
  2. Take the inner part out of the housing
  3. Carefully slide the battery out of the housing and insert a new one (+ upwards)
  4. Replace the inner part in the housing
  5. Push the cover back into place
  6. Check that everything is securely in place again