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Replacing the battery

The E-Waterlevel contains one CR 2032 battery.

After the pull-tag is removed from the E-Waterlevel battery, a green LED will briefly light up in the housing. In general, the batteries last 2 years. To prevent your module from malfunctioning, always take spare batteries with you.

There is no need to reinstall the module after changing the battery. Once you have replaced the battery, the E-Connect should connect to the E-Waterlevel again.

E-Waterlevel batterij
  1. Unscrew the housing cover
  2. Remove the battery from the holder and insert a new one. Make sure the + side points to the correct side
  3. The LED on the PCB will light up for about 10 seconds when you insert the new battery. Then it switches off by itself
  4. Screw the cap securely back on to the housing to prevent water from getting into the sensor and rendering it unusable.