Toestellen op Android 12 kunnen momenteel niet verbinden met onze app. Wij lossen dit z.s.m. op. Excuses voor het ongemak. 



In the app, various settings can be adjusted to your preference. When you have installed one or more E-Waterlevel(s), you can still make adjustments in the settings, both per linked E-Waterlevel and in general.

Settings per linked E-Waterlevel

Go to the E-Waterlevel and go to the module you want to change. Click on the water tank or the name above the water tank. What you can adjust:

  • Name: give each linked E-Waterlevel its unique name.
  • Tankvolume: Enter the tank volume by sliding the slider to the right or left.
  • Pin length: Enter the length of the pins from tip to plastic housing where the pin goes in.

General E-Waterlevel settings

To do this, go to the E-Waterlevel module in the app and click on settings at the bottom left. You will see the following settings that you can adjust:

  • Lower limit
    Specify the lower limit. As soon as the water level drops below this limit, you will be notified.
  • Detailed settings
    Here you can adjust the settings of each linked E-Waterlevel (as described above).
  • Notifications
    Here you can specify the type of notifications you wish to receive.
  • Enable upper limit warning
    Here you can also specify whether you want to be notified when the water tank is full. This can be useful when filling so that you do not try to put too much water in the tank.
  • Don’t disturb while driving
    If you turn this off, you will not receive any notifications from the E-Waterlevel while travelling. The box in the app will still turn orange when something happens.
  • Reinstalling
    If you want to reinstall the E-Load, you do not need to scan the QR code. Simply click on Unlink and install again and you will go through the calibration process again step by step.


You can set the notifications for each module. There are 3 types of alerts that warn you if the minimum values you set for this particular module are exceeded:

  • Sound: a sound is played.
  • Vibrate: the phone will vibrate.
  • Notification: a notification will appear on the screen, even if, for example, you have your navigation switched on.

For each type of alert you can switch it on or off by means of the slider to the right of the alert type.

Notification is not correct

Do you get a message when you think everything is fine? Then it may be that settings or the minimum values in the settings are not correct. Check these in the E-Waterlevel settings and adjust if necessary.