Toestellen op Android 12 kunnen momenteel niet verbinden met onze app. Wij lossen dit z.s.m. op. Excuses voor het ongemak. 


Problems connecting

I cannot connect

Check the following general points:

  • Did you remove the pull-tag (tab) at the battery before mounting the E-Waterlevel.
  • Ensure a maximum distance of 10 metres between the telephone and E-Connect and between the sensors and E-Connect.
  • Is the E-Connect supplied with power (wires connected, switch on, fuse not broken)? Check the LED light on or inside the E-Connect.
  • Does the battery still have enough voltage? The E-Connect switches off below 10.8V. Charge the battery and try again.
  • Is Bluetooth enabled on the phone? (Android: is the pairing request accepted)?
  • Are you connected to the Internet (WiFi or 4 or 5G)?
  • Is no one else connected to this E-Connect via Bluetooth?
  • Has the E-Connect been updated recently? Then it is advisable to switch it off and on again.

If you install a replacement E-Waterlevel, it may be that the old E-Waterlevel is still linked to your account. Or you have bought a second-hand E-Waterlevel, in which case the QR code may still be linked to the account of the previous owner. Read here what you can do in these cases.

If all this is in order, there are also sensor-specific checkpoints:

  1. When you take the battery out of its holder and put it back in after 10 seconds, does an LED light up on the board for a few seconds? Is it possible that the battery is empty? See here how to replace the batteries.
  2. If the E-Connect is connected to a starter battery in a motor home, the battery will spike when the engine starts. This will cause the E-Connect to reboot itself and it may take some time before contact is restored with sensors.
  3. If necessary, switch the E-Connect off, wait a few seconds and then switch it on again.
  4. Finally, close the app completely (also in the background) and restart it.
If after all these checks the connection still fails, please send feedback to our Customer Support department via the app. We may be able to see in it exactly what is happening. We will then contact you to discuss and solve the problem.