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Starter Package Plus

Help with Starter Package Plus

The Starter Package is the basis of our system. All modules are linked to the Starter Package via Bluetooth. The Starter Package then connects the various modules to your phone. There are 2 types of Starter Package:

  • Starter Package Basic (only connectable via Bluetooth) – more information
  • Starter Package Plus (can be connected both via Bluetooth and the Internet)

The Starter Package Plus has an internal SIM card, value the phone can also be linked via a GSM subscription. This allows the various modules to be read from a greater distance.

Which modules work with which Starter Package

E-Systeem Plus

Starter package Plus: Main module Plus, E-Track&Trace, E-Level, E-Volt and indicated modules, both without and with green + icon


Starter Package Basic:  Main module, E-Level, E-Volt and indicated modules without green + icon